Alpaca Day

Sunday was Alpaca Day!

It is my opinion that you should not have been working or been otherwise occupied…you should have been in Orangeville, Ontario to see the amazingly cute and squishy alpacas at the 14th Annual Alpaca Spring Show!

I went with two friends and we had a fantastic time!

I’m not a “squeee!” kind of girl…but I freely admit that alpacas bring me close to squee-ing.  I have no words for how darn cute and cuddly they are.


Just look at that face!

Look at it!





I just can’t express how adorable I find these creatures.

I have always thought they were pretty darn awesome and then today…. I heard a number of them communicating by humming low and soft!  So endearing!

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Walk Along the Skull-y Edge

A few weeks ago, I found myself brainstorming ideas for new skull shawls.  I wanted to do something a little  different and I decided to try and solidify the pattern of the body while keeping skulls along the edge.

I think this was influenced somewhat by the skull scarf pattern I shared about a month ago.  In that pattern, I decided to create a solid body around the skulls and this shawl is a sort of extension of that idea.

I used acrylic to create this experimental piece, along with an H hook.  It didn’t take too long due to the thickness of the yarn.

I like the look of it and am curious to see how it translates into a smaller lace weight.   Granted, THAT will probably take quite some time to do.

Now I just have to decide what colours to use next! :)

Arm Knitting – Go Pee First!

Last Friday, a friend came over for a crafty evening and we decided to give arm-knitting a try!

We used this video:

and, no word of a lie, 45 mins later, we had cowls!

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s simple and fun.  The initial start was a little rocky, but that’s pretty much like any new craft.  The first time it’s awkward.  You need to check your tension, concentrate on what you’re doing so you don’t miss a step, be prepared for some chafed wrist skin (hand cream afterwards is a bonus)…oh, and


Nothing more awkward than yarn hanging everywhere while you try and do your business! *blink blink*

Now that we have that out of the way….Pictures! Continue reading Arm Knitting – Go Pee First!

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