Crochet Pattern – Solid Body Skull Scarf

Crocheted Solid Body Skull Scarf

This particular scarf is available in my Etsy store :)


Welcome to my very first available pattern!  Please, please let me know if you come across any mistakes or have any suggestions for changes.  This is the first time I have written out a pattern for others.

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The Addiction Continues…Buying my own Spinning Wheel

After a fabulous trip to NY to visit friends in mid-November 2015 (See my first post on Spinning Addiction), I left with a newfound love for spinning yarn.

I had learned on her Ashford Traditional wheel, which was fantastic, and was then sent home with a large bag of wool that just begged to be spun.

The Ashford wheel on which I learnt to spin
The Ashford wheel on which I learnt to spin

Thus began my hunt for a spinning wheel to call my own.

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Blocking with Rods: a yarn artist’s best friend

Today I completed my very first knit shawl.

It was ordered by a friend back in October and I have to say thank goodness she was so patient with me as it took some time!

I had no idea how long a knit shawl would take me and expected that it would be similar to my various crocheted projects.

Yeah, not so much.

It didn’t help that I chose 5mm circular needles to make it…perhaps larger would have been better for my first large knitting project….but regardless, I washed and blocked it two days ago and today, it is finished!

Completed knit shawl!
Completed knit shawl!


Anyway, back to the purpose of this post.

When I blocked this piece, I decided to use these metal rods that I picked up at a hardware store months ago.  They are heavier than the rods you use for blocking lace, but for this worsted yarn and open edging, they were perfect!

I saved so much time by weaving the rods through the edging and then simply pinning them out with my T-pins.

Close up of the metal rod I used for blocking
Close up of the metal rod I used for blocking
Metal rod pinned by T-pins
Metal rod pinned by T-pins

You can find these at any hardware store I believe and only cost me a few bucks.

The only downside that I could see was that the edges were somewhat rough, so I had to be careful when weaving them through the stitching.

Otherwise, a perfect time saver!


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