Winterizing scarves

So, I have had a thought…and it has been bouncing around in my head for over a week now which suggests to me that it’s a good thought and should be acted on. 

Many of you know that I make scarves, skull scarves specifically.  They are crocheted and whether I use large or small hooks, the one problem I find with traditional crochet is that it doesn’t create a solid fabric. Each stitch stands alone with a bit of space between it and the next stitch, which allows for air flow. 

Tunisian crochet or knit fabrics are denser but the nature of the skull scarf pattern is such that it requires traditional stitching, so one could argue that they aren’t as warm as they could be. (Especially around the actual skulls which are effectively big holes in the fabric!)

In certain weather and during certain seasons this wouldn’t be a concern, but I live in Canada and in the middle of February you want a scarf that will block all manner of frigid air currents. 

This brings me to my idea. 

I’m going to try to winterize my scarves by adding a second layer, perhaps a layer of fleece, to them. 

Sewing fabric to a crocheted piece is going to be challenging but I’m up for it! :)

Now I have to figure out the best way to attach two pieces of different fabric. Which stitch to use? Machine sew or hand sew?

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

Communal Scarves & Happy Customers: Vending at the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival

Skull ornament on sale at Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival

Last weekend, a friend and I had a booth at a nearby festival, the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival.

I have sold at a market once before but this time we approached it properly, as though we were attempting to set up a small pop-up shop.  We discussed displays and stock items and I ordered a Stitch Noir banner! :)

Having a physical presence, even for a short time, was a lot of work.  Well, having an internet presence is a lot of work too, but this was work of a different kind.

Stitch Noir booth at the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival
Stitch Noir booth at the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival

I can work on photos and try to ensure that they really show off the product for my etsy store, but displaying product on a table or in a tent…completely different world.
Continue reading Communal Scarves & Happy Customers: Vending at the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival

Super Bulky “Outlander” Cowl – Free Knit Pattern

I recently made a few awesome SUPER bulky wraps.  They are quick (only took a few hours each) and easy (Can you garter stitch?  You’re good!)

The pattern is below.

black and white super bulky cowl
My adventure starting during a recent trip to Michael’s Crafts where I picked up a set of the biggest knitting needles I have ever used! (Also known as vampire stakes…but that’s another story) Continue reading Super Bulky “Outlander” Cowl – Free Knit Pattern

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