Dear Fellow Crocheters & Crafty Folk – Help! ;)

I have been working on a crocheted messenger bag for a little while   now.  It’s a lovely crochet pattern that is almost completely done in hdc stitches and then requires a mad amount of felting!
I have put it through the wash cycle three times now and since allowed it to dry to see the results. While in the wash cycle, the flap was loosely stitched to the body.  As well,  I folded the shoulder strap and stitched it to avoid stretching.
Here is the problem:

Side view of the messenger bag as it appears right now.
Side view of the messenger bag as it appears right now.
The flap is longer on one side so I obviously didn’t put the bag the together correctly.
To remedy the length, I need to deal with this much (see below) extra material on the one side:
I do plan to re-stitch and felt the bag even more…but I get the feeling that felting alone isn’t going to fix this.
So, my fellow crafty friends, thoughts? Suggestions?
What do I do?

10 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Crocheters & Crafty Folk – Help! ;)

  1. when drying it did you leave it flat or hang it. Usually when you hang it the piece will stretch. Better to lay it flat and stretch it our how you want it then leave it to dry flat.

      1. How about trimming both sides, so they are both narrower than the body of the bag and then adding a decorative border (felted or crochet) to make it the right size?
        I do wonder, though, whether some selective and vigorous had felting might even things up a bit?

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