Awesome Wrap from a Stash Blast: Bohemian & Funky

Sometimes, the most ridiculous mistakes result in the most awesome creations!  I made a few silly mistakes with this project…but in the end, I think it’s pretty funky wrap!

(It’s available on my Etsy store: Gorgeous Bohemian Wrap: made with ALL the yarn!)


Not too long ago, I came across a new pattern on Etsy whose purpose it was to use up all those leftover  bits and pieces of yarn that we have upon completing various projects. (See Ravelry page with link to pattern HERE)

We of course NEVER throw out those bits, do we?!  😉 I had a variety of leftover yarn that I had been saving for JUST such an occasion so I was pretty excited!  Lots of colours and so many different textures!
Type of yarn included: mohair, wool, alpaca, silk, merino, nepalese wool, Blue Leicester, etc. I avoided acrylic yarn and chose all natural fibres with the exception of some yarns that were a blend (IE one of them contains 50% Wool, 30% Nylon, 20% Alpaca).
I admit I pulled out some untouched single skeins that had been waiting for a suitable project….as long as they matched the colour scheme of course!


Yes, I did buy a couple skeins too. But I had to!  The colour combination I came up with was *almost* perfect but needed a little punch so I bought a couple skeins of brighter violet and teal to balance everything out.

A yarn hunter-gatherer!
A yarn hunter-gatherer!
Once I had all the yarn gathered up, I began the project.  Really straightforward, easy pattern to follow!  Highly recommend you check it out! I approached it as a freeform type creation so I didn’t worry about gauge or hook size or yarn weight, I just crocheted row after row after row of pretty colours! What eventually happened was that it began to narrow due to the lighter weight yarns I was including.  Eventually it narrowed from approximately 55″ to 42″. At that point I had mainly worsted weight yarns remaining and they resulted in a slightly thicker section that naturally folds over to create a lovely neckline and collar. I had to block it to really see how it looked and I think the resulting wrap is pretty darn cool!

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