Super Bulky "Outlander" Cowl – Free Knit Pattern

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I recently made a number of awesome SUPER bulky wraps.  They are quick (only took a few hours each) and easy (Can you garter stitch?  You’re good!)
Some of these are available in my Etsy store but if you are a knitter, scroll down for the pattern.
black and white super bulky cowl
My adventure starting during a recent trip to Michael’s Crafts where I picked up a set of the biggest knitting needles I have ever used! (Also known as vampire stakes…but that’s another story)

25 mm solid wood knitting needles, also known as vampire stakes
25 mm solid wood knitting needles, also known as vampire stakes
I have seen the articles floating around online of people using even larger “needles” such as PVC piping…so I admit these aren’t the biggest out there, but they are the largest in my collection.
Being solid wood, they make a very satisfying clacking sound as I work with them and the lovely cowls that have resulted make the sore arms worth it!
Bulky knitted cowl - red and black Cascade Magnum
Bulky knitted cowl – red and black Cascade Magnum
They can be used as a wrap, hood or neck warmer.  Beautiful, soft, comfy AND practical! 😀
I am a fan of the new “Outlander” series (minus a few scenes that I simply refuse to watch…if you’re a fan too, you know what I’m referring to….’nuff said).  It contains a number of beautifully knitted pieces and I am a member of a few groups online that are dedicated to recreating the patterns and making items that look similar to the one on the show.
turquoise cowl
With my new huge knitting needles, I have made a few cowls over the past couple of weeks that are reminiscent of the big bulky cowl worn by Claire in the show.
The whole thing is garter stitch and one cowl only took me a few hours. The pattern couldn’t be simpler so I thought I would share it here 🙂

******************   PATTERN   *********************

red and black bulky cowl
Super Bulky Yarn 150-250 yds
My yardage varied depending on how wide I made the cowl.
(IE. Red/Black Cowl used 2 skeins of Cascade Magnum, Black/White Cowl used approx 6 skeins of Lion Brand Quickie )
25mm knitting needles
Cast on anywhere from 12-20 stitches depending on your preferred width.
The cast-on stitch count for my three cowls are as follows:
Red/black 16 sts wide
Turquoise 15 sts wide
Black & White 12 sts wide
Garter stitch rows until you get the length you want or until you are *almost* out of yarn  😉  Keep approx 3 yds of yarn set aside.
My cowl ended up being varying lengths depending on the amount of yarn I had available:
Red/Black – 34 rows
Turquoise – 30 rows
Black & white – 32 rows
Lay the piece  flat and twist one half twist, if you want.
I like the additional movement the twist gives to the cowl.
By “half twist” I mean turn one end so it now lays in the opposite direction.
Once twisted, sew the ends together.  This is why you need to keep about 3 yds of yarn set aside.
There are many ways I have seen to sew the two ends together.
The simplest method is simply sew up the ends, stitch to stitch, with a tapestry needle.
If you want to get a little more fancy, you can use a provisional cast-on at the beginning and then connect it with the grafting method (also called a kitchener stitch).
Then, wear proudly!

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