Adopt-a-Creature: Adventures in Amigurumi

Stitch Noir
A collage of five different crocheted amigurumi, including an owl, a purple octopus, an orange octopus, a green cthulhu with red eyes and a black cat.  All palm sized.
Adopt-a-Creature by Stitch Noir
I’m pretty excited about my new crochet project!  It came about suddenly….one of those ideas that wasn’t planned but that just started as an experiment….and now, Adopt-a-Creature is a new section in my Etsy store.
I also have a new page created where I post photos and locations of my adopted creatures!  Hopefully they end up all around the world! Click here to take a look!
Each creature comes with a name and an attached story speaking to their personality/likes/dislikes/etc.
This all began because….about a month ago….I sat down and decided to crochet some amigurumi.
I had been working on some large projects, shawls and the like, but that morning I decided to focus on something small.  Something that I could complete quickly (well, quicker than a shawl at least) and feel good about doing.
So, I made a bat.

Small black crocheted bat without wings
Pre-wings…my first bat was a hit!
I posted this picture on my Facebook, which was even before I added his wings, and he was a hit!  So many people commented on him, saying he was “so bloody cute!” and asking whether I could make them one.
He hadn’t taken too much time create, so I made a few more.  And in typical Me-Fashion, I got bored and branched out.
Bats became cats.
four crochet bats, black grey and purple, along with two crocheted cats that have very large eyes, all on a black background
Bats spawned cats!
The cuteness began to multiply, my friends got really excited and since I was vending at a market a few weeks later, I decided to get really creative and make a bunch of them to sell.
From bats and cats, came Cthulhu!!!! (Yeah, I’m not sure of the link here….just go with it *wink*)
three crocheted bats, one purple, one black and one grey and black striped, along with a variegated green and yellow crocheted Cthulhu on a grey background
Decorating a Yule tree with the Great Old Ones seemed like a good idea!
Originally the idea had been to make them as Yule tree ornaments, but the idea quickly snowballed into key chains, hair clips and pins depending on the size of each creature.
A blue and grey striped crocheted Cthulhu with a keychain ring attached to the top of his head, being held in front of a brick background
Cthulhu key chain!
A collage of three pictures, all of a palm sized purple crocheted octopus being used as a keychain, a hair clip and a pin on a wrap.
This little octopus worked well as a key chain, a hair clip or a pin
A tiny crocheted jellyfish in three different shades of orange, with black plastic eyes and long curly tentacles, sitting in the palm of a hand
This jellyfish made a great pin!
I made mostly creatures that would appeal to those who appreciate a darker (let’s say more gothic) aesthetic but someone suggested an owl…and I couldn’t say no.
A crocheted owl head, palm sized and very round, with black tufts for ears and large yellow eyes.
Say hi to Herbert!
In addition to creating them all, I decided to add names and stories to each one.  Each story gave the creature a little more depth, a personality and added a bit of humor.
The stories came from me, as well as the creative minds of my spouse and my friends.  (Thanks to all for your patience as I picked your brains!)
A variegated blue octopus with black eyes sitting on a small yellow card that contains the following story: "Davey likes sunning himself on the surface of the water.  When not relaxing, he makes deals for lost souls."
Davey likes sunning himself on the surface of the water. When not relaxing, he makes deals for lost souls.
This Cthulhu kept me up the night before the market until 2AM. They are “born” with personalities already in place and Sthabbos was all “You WILL finish me before you sleep tonight!!”
I also stabbed myself with a needle while making him so the red eyes felt very appropriate!
A small green crocheted Cthulhu with red eyes, as well as a card with a story on it that read "Sthabbos: No, he is not radioactive.  Nothing that bad. Just got some blood of the innocent in his eyes.  Really stings!"
Sthabbos: No, he is not radioactive. Nothing that bad. Just got some blood of the innocent in his eyes. Really stings!
A small crocheted black cat keychain with big green eyes and a card attached that reads "Arnold is a hunter.  Birds, squirrels, your toes, your toothbrush, your grandmother's ring....whatever's looking shifty."
Arnold is a hunter. Birds, squirrels, your toes, your toothbrush, your grandmother’s ring….whatever’s looking shifty.

A week ago came the big test…I took all my creatures to sell at the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Hamilton, ON.
Within the first couple of hours, most of my creatures were gone!
A black column is on a table and contains a number of hooks.  Most hooks are empty but some contain hanging crocheted creatures, ten in all.
A couple of hours into the market, only ten creatures remained!
And by the end of the day, only Herbert remained.
A black display column is covered in a dozen or more empty hooks.  In the middle hangs on crocheted creature keychain, an owl called Herbert.
Only Herbert remained at the end of the day
(Don’t be too concerned for poor Herbert.  I mailed him off to his forever home just today!!)
This was my first time making and selling amigurumi and I have to say I’m loving it.  There’s something very satisfying about making dozens of littles creatures, each with their own personality and story.
Watch for more of these in future!

5 thoughts on “Adopt-a-Creature: Adventures in Amigurumi

  1. I’m so glad it has worked out well for you! I hope you will become super successful with it! Do you sell much off etsy?
    I would love to sell my work. I too am in the process of making an owl pattern (Master 3 is obsessed).
    I love Herbert

  2. Absolutly the cutest. They are small enough for backpacks, car rides, and even snuggling at doctors appts. The fact that they each have their own story adds so much. I will have to check out your esty site.

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