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Stitch noirOne of a kind yarns for one a kind projects.
Keeping it quirky and fun, Stitch Noir has been dyeing small batches of handpainted, heavily speckled and textured yarns since 2018.
Amanda, the principal dyer of Stitch Noir, comes from the world of knitting, crochet and spinning so she knows how to dye yarn that is going to work up into something exciting and unique! Having the good fortune to move into a home with a second kitchen (….ahem…or rather with a dye lab!), Amanda has spent the last year (starting in 2018) creating unique colourways….generally always dark and saturated….pastels begone!!!
Her speckled, glow-under-black-light and gemstone influenced yarns have become fan-favourites in her hometown of Hamilton.
2011 : Learned how to Crochet
2013 : Spun on a spinning wheel and was hooked from the moment I sat down!
2014 : Taught myself how to knit! Jumped in feet first with cabling!
June 2018 : Started seriously dyeing fibre and yarn
So, what’s next? I have no idea. Nalbinding perhaps!

6 thoughts on “About Stitch Noir

  1. I see how you love the skull patterns. I do too, but my sister would go mad for it. I see a lot of skull shawls…can you make one into a crocheted shrug? She is not a shawl type person, and I am going to make the scarf for her and maybe the spine skull shawl, bit can you come up with a sweater/shrug (crochet version)? I have not seen any crochet patterns for it and would love to make her one.

  2. Hello! I found your skullscarf (The magic of blocking) and I tried to message you there. I found it so incredibly perfect and realized I need to have the same so after hours of searching the internet I found yarn for it. But I’m wondering what size on the crochet needle you used?
    Thanks so very much!

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