Fibrearts with Actual People: Better than Youtube!

IMG_6615For those who know me, this may sound strange, but it has been so hard for me to meet other fibre artists in my community.
I have spent the past number of years learning my craft from Youtube and books.  I have a few friends who knit/crochet and I often ask them out for coffee or to come over for a visit to chat and play with yarn but we’re all busy so get togethers are rare.
I am so much more creative when I’m socializing and sharing ideas.
For an extrovert, though, I somehow find myself having a hard time taking that first step and meeting NEW people in the community.
Perhaps it’s because I still doubt my skills.  Maybe it’s because I feel kind of nerdy and awkward….but it has been a struggle.
In the past few weeks however, things have started to turn around!

Alpaca Day

Sunday was Alpaca Day!
It is my opinion that you should not have been working or been otherwise occupied…you should have been in Orangeville, Ontario to see the amazingly cute and squishy alpacas at the 14th Annual Alpaca Spring Show!
I went with two friends and we had a fantastic time!
I’m not a “squeee!” kind of girl…but I freely admit that alpacas bring me close to squee-ing.  I have no words for how darn cute and cuddly they are.
Just look at that face!
Look at it!
I just can’t express how adorable I find these creatures.
I have always thought they were pretty darn awesome and then today…. I heard a number of them communicating by humming low and soft!  So endearing!

The Addiction Continues…Buying my own Spinning Wheel

After a fabulous trip to NY to visit friends in mid-November 2015 (See my first post on Spinning Addiction), I left with a newfound love for spinning yarn.
I had learned on her Ashford Traditional wheel, which was fantastic, and was then sent home with a large bag of wool that just begged to be spun.

The Ashford wheel on which I learnt to spin
The Ashford wheel on which I learnt to spin

Thus began my hunt for a spinning wheel to call my own.