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Buttery Soft Yarn that is Organic Cotton – Yep, it’s possible! (Too Asymmetrical? Not possible!)

My friend Jesika recently invented a lovely and simple – that is an important keyword for newbie knitters like me! Simple! – knitting pattern that results in a beautiful mesh asymmetrical shawl.


Her initial use of the pattern was with a variegated sock yarn.  I asked if she would share it with me (which she did!) and I decided to experiment with a heavier yarn…an organic cotton by Estelle.

DK variegated cotton 12 wpi
DK variegated cotton 12 wpi

Right off the top, I just want to say that this cotton is fantastic!  Buttery soft, which I didn’t expect, with a lovely drape, which also surprised me.  The fact that it is organic is a bonus!

The resulting shape is also pretty awesome…asymmetrical with a long curling end that wraps nicely over the shoulder.


This was my first time knitting a mesh pattern, so as I began, I struggled a bit…

…but after blocking, I feel like the pattern is pretty forgiving and those slight deviations aren’t noticeable when wearing it.



I kept going until I ran out of space on my circular needles, which resulted in a large and very asymmetrical shawl.  In the end, I really like the shape.  The point ends up being a little off centre in the back, which I think adds to the interest and the long curling end works to keep the shawl wrapped comfortably.



Somehow a mesh fabric just adds a lovely texture to any outfit.  Definitely going to work this pattern again when I finish up some other projects.

In the meantime…this shawl deserves a person to snuggle up to 😉 Watch for it on Etsy!


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