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Fastest Skull Shawl on Record!

A few days ago I received an order from someone in the United States.  They are to be in a play and came across one of my items on Etsy that would be perfect for the character.
They wanted this skull shawl:
Aqua Acrylic b
…but in a variegated purple.
Not a problem as I had colour options available on my Etsy listing.
It was a rush order, as they needed it as soon as possible, so yesterday morning around 9am I started work on it.
Last night at midnight, I finished!
Variegated VioletNot sure how I managed it but I’m thinking it’s thanks to the beautiful day yesterday (nothing like sitting with some yarn and a book out on the porch!), the couple of hours of commuting I had to do for work (sometimes having to ride the subway is a productive thing), the few hours spent watching Back to the Future Part I & II last night (with friends who were cool enough to be down with my crocheting through the movie) and the fact that the shawl was made with a super bulky yarn 🙂
I think it’s the first time I have finished a complete project of this size in one day.  New record!

11 thoughts on “Fastest Skull Shawl on Record!

  1. This looks familiar…I think I may have favourited it on Ravelry!!! 🙂

    1. Possible 🙂 what is your name on Ravelry?

  2. Stunning! I’d like to make one myself. Where can I finf/buy the pattern?

  3. What is the lovely yarn?

    1. It’s called Bargello by Bernat.

      1. Awesome, is that a “Michael’s” yarn?

        1. Hmmm, I don’t think I have seen it at Michael’s. Often I see it in warehouse type yarn shops. A friend told me that she saw it in Walmart as well.

          1. Thanks, I will look around. I don’t have that many options in small town Alberta. :p

  4. Beautiful skull shawl. Love it! Do you have s pattern for it?

    1. Yes, it is based on a free pattern online…if you do a search for “skull shawl” you’ll find it 🙂

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