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Arm Knitting – Go Pee First!

Last Friday, a friend came over for a crafty evening and we decided to give arm-knitting a try!
We used this video:

and, no word of a lie, 45 mins later, we had cowls!
If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s simple and fun.  The initial start was a little rocky, but that’s pretty much like any new craft.  The first time it’s awkward.  You need to check your tension, concentrate on what you’re doing so you don’t miss a step, be prepared for some chafed wrist skin (hand cream afterwards is a bonus)…oh, and
Nothing more awkward than yarn hanging everywhere while you try and do your business! *blink blink*
Now that we have that out of the way….Pictures!
We had a lot of false starts where we had to go back and start again…

Starting....undoing....starting again....
Starting….undoing….starting again….

I used 2 skeins of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool doubled up and knitted until I was almost out of yarn (approx 85 yards).  The remainder I used to sew the two ends together.
This yarn is quite lovely…50% wool 50% acrylic….and has a soft and beautiful drape to it.
Looong rectangle!  Next up, sew the ends together.
Looong rectangle! Next up, sew the ends together.

As per the video, my cowl is 12 stitches wide.  Not sure how many rows but that depends on how long you prefer your wrap to be.
It was an awesome project to do…instant gratification! 🙂
Finished cowl!
Finished cowl!

I had some difficulty sewing the ends together.  The first row ends up with extremely large stitches while the final cast off row is much tighter and smaller.
Eventually, I lined up and pinned together the two middle stitches and counted out from there, gathering the large ones together.  Seemed awkward while doing it, but the seam turned out pretty good.
Finished seam

When you’re stuck and not sure what project to work on, take an hour and make one of these.
Was fun and inspiring…a nice break 🙂
And don’t forget to go pee first!


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