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Being a Mad Crocheter…without wrist pain

As my interest in crochet has grown over the years…not even to the point that it takes up my free time as much as it layers itself on top of other things I’m doing…so has my wrist pain.
It isn’t to the point that I’m overly concerned, but it is there.  Just beginning to complain and show itself.  The odd muscle knot or tiny sharp pain zipping up into my fingers.
As a person who works with American Sign Language on a daily basis, my arms, wrists and hands are pretty darn important.
Who am I kidding, as a person who likes to write, paint, crochet, sew, etc etc etc etc…..yep, I kinda value my arms and would rather not damage them if I can help it.
So, what to do?
Take care of arms and wrists ≠ crocheting like mad for hours at a time
But I have discovered something that has really helped and I thought I would share.  (No, this is not an infomercial! lol)

My ergonomic hooks!
My ergonomic hooks!

If any of you are dealing with wrist pain and are considering buying some type of ergonomic hooks, I’ll just say that they make a HUGE difference for me.
Due to the size of the handle, I feel as though I twist my wrists much less.  At this point, when I try to return to a standard crochet hook, my hand cramps up within minutes, especially all the muscles around my thumb.
So, I can’t speak for all the crochet hooks out there, but I can say that it’s worth trying an ergonomic hook to see if it makes a difference.  I don’t think I would be crocheting nearly as much if I hadn’t.
Happy Sunday!

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