Skull Fringe

The Mind’s Edge – A Skull Shawl without a pattern

I just finished blocking this shawl a couple of days ago and I’m pretty happy with it.
SIDENOTE: I’m not necessarily overly ecstatic about the photos though since the yarn is closer to purple than blue and the resulting shots seem to lean too far in a blueish direction.
Making this type of shawl is incredibly relaxing as the mesh body is a pretty simple repeat.  Not to mention, it crochets up fairly quickly.
The edging is where everything changes.

Crochet Pattern – Solid Body Skull Scarf

Crocheted Solid Body Skull Scarf

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Versions of this scarf are often available in my Etsy store 🙂

Welcome to my very first available pattern!  Please, please let me know if you come across any mistakes or have any suggestions for changes.  This is the first time I have written out a pattern for others.
(Nov 2015: Pattern is now available in German/Deutsch!  PDF can be downloaded here
March 2016: Pattern is now available in French/Français!  PDF available here)

Searching the far corners of the earth…to finish a shawl! (AKA Ravelry…you saved my project!)

Sometimes, you have to go all out to complete a piece of art, even when it’s a lovely piece of fibre art like this shawl!This is only the second time I have crocheted this pattern.  It is a blend of…