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Knitting Tour in Iceland – Hats, Scarves & Wool! Oh my!

Many of my friends are aware that I’m headed to Iceland next week for a hiking/knitting trip.
*****pause blogging*****
OMIGODS I’m so excited!!!!
*****re-engage blogging brain****
Ahem…as I was saying…next Friday I head to Iceland.  I have joined this Hiking with the Elves tour, hard decision to make as Hélène Magnusson, the tour guide, offers numerous knitting tours throughout the year and they all sound fabulous!
I chose July as my tour because B and I were in Iceland in January.  We loved it but I wanted to experience the country in summer as well.
It’s going to be extra interesting as we will be focusing on lace knitting.  Not only do I have next to no experience with lace knitting, but I am also fairly new to charts.  It’s my understanding that one doesn’t need to have loads of knowledge and experience to take part in these tours.  We shall see.
In between work and my obsessive crochet/knitting/spinning hobbies, I have been slowly prepping for my trip.  (This has included numerous trips to Mountain Equipment Co-op as I had next to no proper hiking gear!)
I decided early on that I wanted to knit or crochet myself a few items to wear while hiking.  A hat and a scarf specifically.  The temperatures are supposed to be approximately 7-13 degrees Celsius so either item will likely come in handy.
As of today, I have completed both projects!

I’m definitely keeping the scarf, but the hat is still possibly going to make it’s way to my Etsy store…undecided as of yet.  It’s incredibly fun and slouchy, I just need to decide whether some type of well fitting, ear covering hat wouldn’t make a better choice 😉  For those interested in the pattern, it’s the Fisherman’s Wife Beret found on Ravelry. Simple and easy pattern with some straightforward cabling that gives the hat a lot of personality!
The scarf is an asymmetrical pattern I came across a number of months ago. (Pattern is available on Ravelry) Yep, asymmetrical.  The obsession continues. 😉 I’ve been working on it for-ev-er!!! But it finally came to completion last night! IMG_5464
All garter stitch, but it’s the yarn that makes it!  The yarn was handspun in New Brunswick by Angela Belyea at The Herb Farm Studio. 577 yards of 60% Newfoundland Alpaca & 40% Merino So soft and such a pleasure to work with.  Wearing this wrap is like wearing a feather weight hug!  I’m so happy with it!
The cast off was done super stretchy so that I wouldn’t have one edge on the wrap that was super tight.  I followed this video tutorial to cast off and it worked out perfectly.  Just a heads up for any of you who are looking for a stretchy cast off technique.
Being mostly alpaca, this is definitely coming on my trip!
Next up, I need to find a way to carry my camera so it is accessible, exchange some Canadian currency for Icelandic Krona, and figure out how to pack lightly enough so that I can bring back ALL the wool!!!!
And the black liquorice!
And the Skyr!
Crap, I’m going to need a bigger suitcase!

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