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NYC + Yarn Addict = Vogue Knitting Live

B and I are presently in New York City on a mini-vacation.  Our first time in NYC.  I came originally to see a play but during the planning stages, a friend who lives here told me that there was a large knitting event taking place on the same weekend as my arrival.  She was a member of our knitting/hiking group in Iceland last summer so of course she had to bring the event to my attention.  Wool Sisters Unite!
Vogue Knitting Live was huge and overwhelming and inspiring…every colour, every fibre, every weight….of yarn!  And I thought I would share some of the highlights 🙂
Vogue Knitting Live
A marketplace on two floors??? Yes please!

6th floor of the Marriot Marquis taken over by yarn and fibre artists and vendors!  Times this by two for the complete marketplace experience!

Two floors of vendors…vendors that spilled out of the main floors and into the surrounding hallways.  Yarn spillage!  Here, I’ll help clean it up!
One of the first things I noticed was as I lined up to complete my registration and get my bracelet (that would allow me access to the World of Yarn!).  Each rope line had been knit!  Pretty darn cool!
knit rope
Something else that’s really nice about this type of event is that everyone was there sharing a similar passion.  We were all fibre artists in one way or another….knitters, crocheters, shepherdesses, spinners…You could stop anyone and ask about a yarn/their shawl/a stitch technique…and suddenly you had met someone new!  I’m only sorry that I wasn’t able to stay longer than a few hours!
We came from all over and there was a map on site to prove it!  Many from the central and eastern seaboards of both Canada and US but we also had pins from as far away as Europe and Japan.  B spent the time I was in the marketplace up in the hotel lobby.  While there, he met a fellow fibre arts enthusiast from Acton, Ontario.  Small world! (PS Sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet you! 🙂
where in the world
One of the BIG moments of the show…I had the chance to handle and play with GIANT yarn and needles.
I have been seeing them online all over the place these days and I have to admit that I’ve been pretty critical.
As an art piece, sure.
Yarn curtains anyone?

But extreme knitting one-ply wool yarn as a wrap…or a blanket?? Will that not madly shed and pill the moment you try to use it for …anything???
Well…although I’m not a convert as of yet to the giant way of thinking…I understand it better.  The yarn is question felt slightly felted.  It’s one-ply but yet solid and rope-like.  So it would definitely stand up more than I had assumed it would.
Oh and those needles?  They weigh practically nothing!
Beyond the purchases I made (which I will detail shortly!) I came across some really fun patterns and inspirations that I sorely needed!
My fellows felters!  I saw some incredible pieces!
My fellow weavers…this loom of woven fabric that worked in pine cones really caught my attention.  Not too practical perhaps, but a beautiful art piece celebrating Mother Nature!
Fun fur friends!  Why yes, knitting and fun fur can be done together!  Was there any doubt??
The number of patterns I saw and DIDN’T purchase? Dozens.
But one that I did purchase….
There’s something I really like about the cabling and the buttons in this piece.  Bought yarn to go with it while I was there.  (Did my best to only buy yarn that had a purpose…versus “oooh pretty!  …. meh, I’ll buy 6 skeins and figure it out later!”)
Overall, the show and the three hours I was there were awesome!!
I made new friends:
And head home with some newly learned wisdom:
purls of wisdom
Thanks so much Hila for suggesting it!

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