Learning to use a Pattern = Low Rise PJ Pants

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Last weekend, I signed up for Basic Sewing 1 at a college near my home.  It took place Friday night and all day Saturday.  I skipped the Introduction course because I already know the basics when it comes to sewing.  I can turn on my machine, sew in a straight line (usually), and generally create stuff.

What I’ve never done…is work from an actual purchased pattern.  That’s what I hoped to get out of this course, and I did.  I came home with a fun pair of pajama pants made from an honest-to-goodness pattern!

I had no idea how much alteration would be involved in tailoring a pattern to fit specific measurements.  And I also have to admit that, at the end of the day, I don’t think I remember everything we did to fit it…but practice makes perfect, so I’m thinking that I’ll sign up for the Level 2 class in March.

As it is, although the crotch is lower in my new pants than I had intended, they’re still comfy and wearable.  And hey, low-rise pajama pants are still in style, right?

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