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Spring Equinox 2022 | Basic Sock Yarn | Limited

$32.00 (CAD)

This is the Wheel of the Year Mystery Yarn I dyed on March 21, Spring Equinox.

Eight times a year, I mark the changing seasons by going out to watch the sunrise. I chose these dates based on the seasons and the midpoints between them.  These dates are celebrated for a variety of reasons around the world and have been celebrated in many ways for hundreds of years.

I then dye yarn inspired by that morning….the colours, the feelings, the energy, the animals I see, or simply the ideas and inspiration I receive.

March 21, 2022 was a gorgeous morning!  The colours of the sunrise looked like a painting and I couldn’t stop staring.  Spring Equinox marks the changing of the seasons and it is considered to be one of the two days of the year where light and dark are pretty much equal. So I decided to apply this to the yarn. The sky was super blue that morning, and generally I find that spring skies are bluer than most other seasons. Perhaps this is because we just got through a cold season of icy air and cloudy skies, but regardless, I really wanted to capture that blue.

The other half of the colourway is a mix of things. I kept seeing large groups of birds flying far above, dark specks in the sky, which led me to speckles.  I also was walking through sand, stone and mud…your typical spring thaw…and it was that, and the sunrise, which informed the speckle colours.



80% superwash merino 20% nylon
115g/420 yards per skein

If you would like three or more skeins, a new batch will be dyed for you to ensure they match as closely as possible.

Be aware that colors may appear differently on different computer monitors, but every effort has been made to portray them as accurately as possible.
All of my yarns are hand dyed and, as much as I attempt to match, every batch is one-of-a-kind.  Be sure to order what you need as matching future batches are not guaranteed.
When using hand-dyed yarns in a project that requires more than one skein, it is strongly recommended to alternate skeins every other row of knitting to even out any differences.
Lastly, as with any hand dyed yarn, please expect minor imperfections and some variation from skein to skein (even within the same batch), as each skein is individually hand painted.


If you live within the Hamilton (GTA) or you will be passing through and want to arrange a pickup, choose the “local pickup” option and message me to arrange a time and place.

Canadian Orders are sent Expedited with tracking number.
USA Orders are sent via USPS First Class with tracking number.


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Weight .115 kg
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