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Wheel of the Year Mystery Yarn Club | May Day Edition

$45.00$60.00 (CAD)

Welcome to my Wheel of the Year Mystery Yarn Club: May Day Edition
This listing is ONLY for the May Day box.  (I hope to set up a subscription model at some future point, but for now, they are sold individually)

There will be eight mystery boxes available throughout 2022, which means you have the opportunity to receive a squishy package of mystery yarn in the mail eight times this year!

I mark the changing seasons by going out to watch the sunrise and then creating a corresponding yarn colourway. The yarn is a mystery, even to me, until it is made!
I chose the dates based on the seasons and the midpoints between them.  These dates are celebrated for a variety of reasons around the world and have been celebrated in many ways for hundreds of years.

Please be sure to read the description below in full before ordering.


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1) Please note the different PRICING OPTIONS    a) $45 for those living nearby who will be picking up  b) $55 includes shipping to Ontario/Quebec   c) $60 includes shipping to Canada (outside ON/QC) as well as the United States (Coupons are not applicable)
2) This yarn colourway will be created on May Day/Beltane, May 1.  Orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks of the dye date.
3) Your parcel WILL contain a) a minimum 115g of sock yarn (ONLY sock yarn available for now) and b) one or two additional pieces by either myself or local artists to celebrate the season …it MAY ALSO contain c) a designer spotlight to support fellow fibre creators who I know and think are fantastic! 🙂
4) A second reminder….you won’t receive your yarn BY May 1, it will created on that day and shipped within the week.
5) This is a Mystery Club – I don’t know what I am going to dye until the actual day and you won’t know what the colourway looks like until it arrives….so by purchasing a club kit, you acknowledge that you like surprise endings!
6) Due to the Mystery nature of the Club, colour requests can’t be taken and there are no refunds once the yarn has been dyed.


May day has been celebrated for a long time in a variety of forms.

One of the earliest celebrations noted is Floralia, a festival held in ancient Rome at the end of April that honored the goddess Flora, a goddess of flowers, vegetation and fertility.

In Gaelic culture, the evening of April 30th was the celebration of Beltane and it marked the start of the summer season. Celebrations mainly focused on the symbolic use of fire to bless cattle and other livestock as they were moved to summer pastures. This custom continued into the early 19th century, during which time cattle would be made to jump over fires to protect their milk from being stolen by  fairies. Even people would leap over the fires for luck.

Bonfires are a large part of Beltane, a fire festival. Some other well-known modern May Day traditions include dancing around the maypole, jumping over fires for luck, and dancing to wake up Mother Earth.  In our area, groups of local Morris Dancers traditionally meet at sunrise in High Park Toronto to dance and wake up the earth as she warms and begins to grow.  I have attended many a Morris Dancing celebration and I also was lucky enough to experience May Day 2016 in Glastonbury, England!

On May day, go out and see the sunrise.  The morning dew of Beltane was said to be a source of good luck and health…and regardless what you believe, washing your face with fresh morning dew and feeling it on your bare feet is an invigorating feeling!

Eight times a year, I mark the changing seasons by going out to watch the sunrise. I chose these dates based on the seasons and the midpoints between them.  These dates are celebrated for a variety of reasons around the world and have been celebrated in many ways for hundreds of years.
Observing them throughout the year has become a way for me to feel connected to the world around me and to also take some time to be present and acknowledge Mother Earth.  On each of the eight days, I take photos and pay attention to my surroundings and lately they inspire yarn colours!

On Spring Equinox 2021 it began. I found myself inspired after the sunrise to dye some skeins to represent the day.  Then on May Day and again on Summer Solstice, I took that inspiration home and dyed a few skeins of yarn and decided to continue with Mystery Boxes!

Each time, I try to let photos, colours, animals of the morning inspire the yarn colourway….with no pre-planning and no expectations….so I never really know what the yarn is going to look like, until it appears in my dye pans!


These are the dates of creation.  Shipping within 1-2 weeks AFTER this date (though usually sooner than that! )

May 1 May Day/Bealtaine/Midpoint between Spring and Summer
June 21 First Day of Summer/Summer Solstice/Litha
Aug 1 Midpoint between Summer and Autumn/First Harvest/Lammas
Sept 22 Autumn Equinox/First day of Fall
Oct 31 Samhain/Halloween/Midpoint between Autumn and Winter
Dec 21 Winter Solstice/First day of Winter/Yule

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