Not Your Plain Ol’ Cotton Dish/Wash cloths!

EDIT: The original cloth pattern was for a washcloth.  The cotton I used is soft enough for that, but I was thinking dishcloth when I made them.  Multi-use! (Although I would suggest picking one or the other)

When I’m planning a trip, one of the biggest challenges I come up against is “which projects to bring along?”

Notice I said “Projects” not “project” because one will simply not do!  I like to think I’m a pretty focused individual but when it comes to my yarn projects, I need to have a variety of things on the go.  Often, I find myself bouncing back and forth between two or three of them in an evening.

So, going away for a week…or even just three days as we did this past weekend, brings with it some hard decision making. 😉

We got back late last night from a weekend away visiting family.  Three days isn’t all that long, so I tried to pack light.  Amanda-lite, which is very different than all other people’s version of “lite”.  Just ask B.  He’ll tell you.

So, I pack a couple of ongoing projects: a Stephen West shawl that has been in progress for quite some time, a version of Hélène Magnusson’s Spring Shawl that continues to be in progress (even though it came all the way with me to Iceland where I learned much about knitting it, and yet didn’t get much actual knitting done on it!), and a couple of balls of cotton yarn.

The cotton yarn was for dish/wash cloths.

Simple, square-shaped, purl/knit, mindless knitting.  Sometimes, that’s what you need.

Sometimes, you have to put down the complicated “**knit 381, wrap twice, knit 63, K2TOG, YO, YO, SSK, purl 145, do a little dance, don’t pull all your hair out, repeat**” fibre project and pick up the “knit across, turn, purl, turn, sigh with relief” project.

Dish/wash cloths are that.  Little sighs of relief amongst the GRRRRRR. (Granted, if you’re GRRRRing all the time while working on fibre arts projects…that isn’t good either.  Just saying.)

So I brought a couple balls of cotton and made two cloths.

The first was from a simple online pattern.

Dragonfly Dishcloth

I like how it turned out.  Lovely little dragonfly, all created with knit/purl stitches and little to no GRRRness. 🙂

As I approached my second one, I decided that I wanted to create a Goddess pattern.  I googled images of Goddesses and found a couple that I thought would work.  Then, I had to spend some time on Photoshop to create a chart.

Okay, so there was a wee bit more frustration in this particular process. 😉

BUT…it turned out awesome in the end!

Goddess Dishcloth

She’s a little taller than I had planned so the cloth is a bit more rectangular but still lovely and useful!

I have had a few people ask about the Goddess pattern.  I have a really rough paper chart with scribbles and erase marks on hand.  I just need to find some time to sit down and create a proper chart on my computer.

Until then, I already have other ideas in mind for dish & wash cloths.  Going to hold onto them for those in-between days when I need a sigh of relief. *wink*

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Buttery Soft Yarn that is Organic Cotton – Yep, it’s possible! (Too Asymmetrical? Not possible!)

My friend Jesika recently invented a lovely and simple – that is an important keyword for newbie knitters like me! Simple! – knitting pattern that results in a beautiful mesh asymmetrical shawl.


Her initial use of the pattern was with a variegated sock yarn.  I asked if she would share it with me (which she did!) and I decided to experiment with a heavier yarn…an organic cotton by Estelle.

DK variegated cotton 12 wpi
DK variegated cotton 12 wpi

Right off the top, I just want to say that this cotton is fantastic!  Buttery soft, which I didn’t expect, with a lovely drape, which also surprised me.  The fact that it is organic is a bonus!

The resulting shape is also pretty awesome…asymmetrical with a long curling end that wraps nicely over the shoulder.


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