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DIY Building a Tri-Loom

Last weekend, I was visiting a friend in Orangeville and her suggestion for a weekend activity was for us to each build a triangular loom or a tri-loom.

DIY Completed Tri-loom

I’d been wanting to make one since April, where I saw a shawl at an alpaca show made on a tri-loom.  It was gorgeous and the folks at the booth said it had been quite easy to make once the loom was set up.

Intriguing.  Very intriguing…but somehow I didn’t manage to get a picture of the shawl in question.  Not sure how that happened as I typically take pictures of EVERYTHING. 😉

Anyway….so when my friend suggested making looms, I was completely on board and oh, so excited!

NOTE: We aren’t carpenters, so our process isn’t exact by any means 😉 We wanted to have fun and make looms so we measured some things and other times just went with our gut.
For those of you who, like us, would love to have a pretty-much triangular-shaped frame with a bunch of nails in it to try a bit of inexact weaving, this is for you!
For those of you who are Capricorns and detail-oriented like me, you’ll still have fun…but your head my explode a lil bit. 😉

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Dear Fellow Crocheters & Crafty Folk – Help! ;)

I have been working on a crocheted messenger bag for a little while   now.  It’s a lovely crochet pattern that is almost completely done in hdc stitches and then requires a mad amount of felting!

I have put it through the wash cycle three times now and since allowed it to dry to see the results. While in the wash cycle, the flap was loosely stitched to the body.  As well,  I folded the shoulder strap and stitched it to avoid stretching.

Here is the problem:

Side view of the messenger bag as it appears right now.
Side view of the messenger bag as it appears right now.

The flap is longer on one side so I obviously didn’t put the bag the together correctly. Continue reading Dear Fellow Crocheters & Crafty Folk – Help! 😉