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Searching the far corners of the earth…to finish a shawl! (AKA Ravelry…you saved my project!)

Sometimes, you have to go all out to complete a piece of art, even when it’s a lovely piece of fibre art like this shawl!chainmail skull shawl with silk edgingThis is only the second time I have crocheted this pattern.  It is a blend of a couple of different crochet projects I have come across, but the actual pattern isn’t available….yet.
It presently lives in my head, and in the pages of illegible handwriting  found in my crochet notebook.
The second time turned out better than the first….although I love them both!

First attempt
First attempt

Second attempt
Second attempt

The skull portion of the second one improved slightly as I tweaked the stitches and tried different combinations and counts.  I can only hope it will get even better with the third one, which I have already started!
I presently refer to  it as the chainmail shawl since many who have seen the pictures comment that, upon first glance, it looks like chainmail. 🙂
So,  searching the far corners of the earth?  Yes.  Yes, I did!
What happened was that a couple of months ago, I ordered two skeins of a lovely silk peacock coloured yarn from Expression Fibre Arts.  After I shared a picture of my new yarn on my Facebook page (I was SO excited!), a customer contacted me and placed a custom order for a skull shawl made from that exact yarn.
Shawl made from my two skeins of peacock colorway silk yarn
Shawl made from my two skeins of peacock colorway silk yarn

I was originally concerned that I wouldn’t have enough yarn, but it worked out well and when I was done, I had about 50g left.
The same customer then requested a chain mail skull shawl with the skull edging done in the same peacock yarn.
50-60g remaining?  I thought that would be enough…so I said sure!
She needed it by a certain date as it would be a birthday present.  The date in question gave me a few weeks and I couldn’t foresee a problem.  I had the time.  I had the yarn.
Turns out, I didn’t.
My peacock yarn ran short….by THIS much!
That space between the arrows...that's how much yarn I needed.  One row!  about 3 grams!  That's it!
That space between the arrows…that’s how much yarn I needed. One row! about 3 grams! That’s it!

On the right at the arrow is a hanging yellow thread…from that point to the upper left arrow…the completion of that final row was all that remained!
What a pain!
I considered changing up the pattern but it had worked incredibly well and there wasn’t much I could change to save yarn.
I checked with Chandi at Expression Fibre Arts but she was out of that yarn.  Of course!  Because it’s awesome!
Next stop…
Ravelry has this amazing feature called “stash”.  It’s where you can record all the yarn you have and link to that exact brand of yarn online.  It will store your amounts along with the details about that yarn so that you can keep track.  You can even specify whether you’re willing to sell/trade each yarn or not.
The extra awesome thing about it is that you can nose around and look at OTHER people’s stashes!
So I did.
I found everyone on that site that had the “Peacock 2 Sparkle Silk Fingering Weight” and I sent them a desperate email!  Whether they were selling their skein or not, I wrote to about a dozen people from all over!  I asked if they would be willing to sell me just a wee bit…5 grams or so…20 yards give or take…to help me finish a shawl.
Many responded that they hadn’t even started working with their skein so they had no idea how much they could spare.  But finally, one awesome lady from British Columbia offered to mail me 5 grams!
Her awesome, fantastic, amazing 20+ yards of peacock yarn arrived in my mailbox four days before the birthday that required this shawl!
Lovely little ball of yarn!  When it arrived, I almost kissed the envelope!  ....almost.
Lovely little ball of yarn! When it arrived, I almost kissed the envelope! ….almost.

So a couple hours to finish off the row and the edging…another day and a half or so to block the shawl (It was hot and humid…took forever to dry!)…half an hour to take a few pictures…..and then off in the mail for overnight delivery with a few hours to spare!