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Crochet Pattern: Vintage Daisy Motif

Due to the fact that I have come back and looked at this Daisy blanket over and over again, I have decided to reblog the entry and share it with my readers.
There is some thing so beautiful and simple about this pattern! Definitely on my list of To Do One Day!

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Crochet, Throws & Blankets

Crocheted Star Throw – How many points was that?

Many moons ago, I started crocheting a blanket.  I can’t remember exactly when I began but it has to be at least a year ago.

I chose three different coloured, somewhat bulky, acrylic yarns and used a pattern I had discovered online for an 8-pointed star. I figured I would keep adding rows until I felt satisfied with the size (or tired of the pattern, whichever came first!)

Well, I finally finished it by deciding that 56″ across was big enough.

I now understand why so many blankets and throws are made in pieces and then put together.  Working on this thing after it reached a couple of feet in diameter was cumbersome.  And hot!

That would be one reason why  it took so long.   Hot summer days do not lend themselves to sitting under a warm blanket, so around May-June, this piece was put into hibernation! 🙂

Nine Pointed Star


The pattern I was using was, as mentioned above, for an 8-pointed star but if you revisit the above picture and use your numerical counting skills (as I clearly did not! lol) you’ll come up with a different number.

Yep, somehow, some way, I have nine points.

I was so far into the pattern by the time I realized it that I decided to go with that and embrace the number 9. (I prefer odd numbers anyway! 😉

Unfortunately, that means that it presently doesn’t lay flat, which doesn’t pose a huge problem when draping it over a sofa or yourself. I’m going to soak and dry it (not sure if I actually have the means to block it) and see if I can improve the shape at all.