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Letters from Iceland: Hiking (and Knitting) with the Elves Pt 1: The Group

This past July, I spent 10 days in Iceland. It was my second trip to Iceland after an initial 4-day stopover last January, on our way home from Europe.

This time though, I signed up for a structured pre-planned trip. The majority of my 10 days were spent as part of a hiking and knitting tour created and run by Hélène Magnusson called “Hiking with the Elves“.

I have been meaning to blog about the trip ever since I arrived home.
I want to record my experience, but I also want to share it with others who are considering a similar trip in the future.
Unfortunately, this has proven to be such a difficult post to write.

Part of the challenge is to try and capture the experience without writing for pages and pages. I’m sure that you, my dear readers, have better things to do that sit in a comfy chair,  with a glass of wine, snuggled up to your computer screen while you read through the novel that is my Icelandic blog post.

The other difficulty comes from the fact that the experience was so tremendous.  How can I ever hope to capture the magnificence and grandeur of it with mousy little English words?

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Getting Creative in Montreal – Need your help!

This December, I am spending two weeks in Montreal, cat-sitting for a friend.

I swear this is grumpy cat, upside down!

I’m very excited about the cat-sitting part…not having pets at home has been hard, so borrowing someone else’s works for me :)….and I’m also looking forward to two weeks of practicing my French.

But I also want to work on a new project over those two weeks.  A knit or crochet item that would lend itself to dividing up over 14 days would be ideal…I’m thinking some type of blanket or throw that is made up of numerous smaller pieces….

Like the Beekeeper’s Quilt

…but perhaps that’s a tad too ambitious?

Would love some suggestions!  If I can decide on something soon, I can plan out the yarn and have everything ready for my departure mid-December 🙂


So far, in addition to the Beekeeper’s Quilt, I have had these projects suggested….perhaps these would be handy for some of you who may also be looking ahead to a trip.  Many of these would be good to use up leftover stash…

Knitted Mitered Squares

Domino Knitting

Ten Stitch Blanket

The School Colours Scarf & Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket

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Fibrearts: What can you make in 5 hrs?

Yesterday,  B and I drove to the Ottawa Valley from Toronto.  It’s about a 5 hour drive, a drive we have done many times before and I decided to focus on crocheting and knitting the whole way…just to see how much I could do.

It wasn’t for speed necessarily…I didn’t want to go as fast as possible and have errors in my work…but it was more for the challenge of the whole thing.  Not to mention, I will be vending at the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival in a couple of weeks and so, more stock? …that’s a good thing!

I didn’t get through as much as I expected, but still, it was a productive trip!  And hey, we have a five-hour drive coming up on Monday as we head home so I have another chance to beat this record! (It also means I can’t take a turn driving…..Shhhhhh!)

Cup cozies!  ...Or are they?
Cup cozies! …Or are they?

So, I worked on a bunch of cup cozies to start.  They’re straightforward and simple so I made half a dozen during the first couple hours of the trip.

At the end of hour 2, the Muse took a moment to drop an idea my way.  Maybe cup cozies aren’t “cup” cozies at all….maybe they’re arm-cozies!

Cup cozy? Or...ARM cozy?
Cup cozy? Or…ARM cozy?

So, I’m still mulling over that idea, but I like the patchwork feel of attaching a variety of colours and patterns together to make arm warmers 🙂

After that epiphany and the completion of half a dozen cozies, I moved on to a pair of long fingerless gloves.

crocheted fingerless glovesI have to admit that I cheated here…somewhat.  One glove was already finished and the other was about 1/3 of the way so I completed an ongoing project.  Didn’t actually make the two gloves within the 5-hr limit.

Pretty happy with them although they aren’t complete yet.  They still require some ties … pics to come.

Lastly, as we pulled up to my mother-in-laws house, I finished a knitted row of a bulky cowl which is now about 1/3 of the way finished.

half a knitted cowl

As a sidenote, I just bought those knitting needles in the picture above.  They are 25mm and they are FANTASTIC!

They make this hollow wooden clunky sound as I knit, which I kind of like, and they also double as a vampire stake…you know, just in case!