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Super Bulky “Outlander” Cowl – Free Knit Pattern

I recently made a number of awesome SUPER bulky wraps.  They are quick (only took a few hours each) and easy (Can you garter stitch?  You’re good!)

Some of these are available in my Etsy store but if you are a knitter, scroll down for the pattern.

black and white super bulky cowl
My adventure starting during a recent trip to Michael’s Crafts where I picked up a set of the biggest knitting needles I have ever used! (Also known as vampire stakes…but that’s another story) Continue reading “Super Bulky “Outlander” Cowl – Free Knit Pattern”


Arm Knitting – Go Pee First!

Last Friday, a friend came over for a crafty evening and we decided to give arm-knitting a try!

We used this video:

and, no word of a lie, 45 mins later, we had cowls!

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s simple and fun.  The initial start was a little rocky, but that’s pretty much like any new craft.  The first time it’s awkward.  You need to check your tension, concentrate on what you’re doing so you don’t miss a step, be prepared for some chafed wrist skin (hand cream afterwards is a bonus)…oh, and


Nothing more awkward than yarn hanging everywhere while you try and do your business! *blink blink*

Now that we have that out of the way….Pictures! Continue reading “Arm Knitting – Go Pee First!”

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Buttons, buttons, buttons! Which one???

I blocked a second capelet recently and when it came time to choose a button for it…I just couldn’t.

Too many options! 🙂

I whittled it down to three potentials…and then I realized that due to the variegation in the wool, the background colours changed depending on which end I folded over.

So…rather than spend time staring blankly at my dress form and holding up button after button…I give you my capelet button collage!

From top to bottom, Row A and B have different yarn backgrounds as the top layer has been flipped.
From left to right, there are three buttons with each one set on top of each background.

Help!  Which one do you like?

Capelet Button Options