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The Magic of Blocking

Over the weekend, I experienced some…shall we say….incredibly effective blocking results with a crocheted item.
I am now the proud owner of an XL skull shawl 🙂
It has been in process for the past few weeks.  I wasn’t making it to fill an order or anything, it was more of a side project. Something that may actually end up being for me 😉
Over the past few months, I have finally tracked down more of the burgundy/grey/red/black yarn that I used to create my Skull Scarf.  
It was an incredibly difficult yarn to find.  I scoured all the shops here in Toronto and, in August while on the TTC Knitalong, I came across half a dozen balls on clearance at PassionKnit.

Toronto discovery!
Toronto discovery!

It wasn’t enough though.
I wanted more so I could make more skull scarves so I spent a few hours hunting online.  Finding the actual brand of yarn was fairly easy, it was finding the specific colour way that made the search so darn difficult.
Eventually, I found a shop in Europe with some in stock and I ordered pretty much all they had.  It arrived, all these lovely little balls of yarn smushed together in a sealed clear plastic bag…so lovely and exciting…begging to be knit and crocheted!
So in addition to making skull scarves, I set aside a few balls and started this shawl.
Skull shawl in process

I used a smaller crochet needle than I typically use for this type of shawl so it took longer and resulted in quite a few more rows of skulls than usual (9 rows instead of the typical 6).
I also decided to try a new (to me) and more complex border than my typical fringe or scalloped edging, which added a few more inches.
All of this to say, I was somewhat off when guessing how large it would stretch during blocking…
…and I ended up with a shawl that is 90″across the top and 44″ long, from top to point.
IMG_0402It appears to have gained about a foot through the stretching and blocking process.  Somehow I didn’t expect super wash wool to offer that much give.
It’s a fantastic shawl….edgy, gothic with this awesome border…but it’s HUGE!
Not necessarily a bad thing…just a fact.
And at this point, I think it’s staying with me 😉


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